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Kaleido Sniper M10 Coffee Roaster (500-1200g), Commercial Electric Heating Coffee Roasting with... 

Heat source advantages

Traditional gas roasters are not heat stable, and many of the limitations for propane cylinders affect its performance. Most importantly, gas roasters cannot quantitatively analyze the effect of heat parameters on roasting, which inevitably result in errors.

We have been eager to find a stable, easy to control heat source that can instantly heat up, for which we have settled for 7 years and have developed 5 generations of products. Finally we found the effective method and structure of roasting coffee with carbon fiber infrared heating.

Electric Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating

With unique penetration performance and rapid heating capacity, carbon fiber infrared heating tube achieves an innovative breakthrough of low energy consumption and high thermal energy.

Presice Temp Probe

Obviously, the temperature measured by the probe is varied at different positions from the heat source. To solve this problem, we designed a screw-free self-locking probe holder, which can easily adjust the depth of the probe.

Flexible Drum

Compared to most coffee roasters on the market, the structure of Kaleido's drum is unique. It has special gears and each steel column is free to rotate. The structure will facilitate the even heating of the beans and the complete detachment of the chaff.

Independent Cooling System

A decent cooling system prevents over-roasting of the beans. The engineers equipped two or four cooling fans depending on the roasting capacity of different models to ensure sufficient power.

In addition, Kaleido's cooling system is independent and it does not affect the heating, which allows you to roast the next batch while cooling.

Smoke Emission

Generally speaking, the built-in extraction system of Kaleido roaster can remove most of the smoke. However, for large capacity roasting or deep roasting, there is still the inevitable problem of smoke exhaust. So we have designed a special smoke exhaust pipe, just attach a pipe to solve the smoke problem.

Model Description

Capacity 50-200g 50-400g 500-1200g
Usage Scenario For Home Use For Home Use or Small Café For Commercial Use
Heating Power  600W 800W 2200W
Cooling Fans 1 2 4
Dimension 18 * 27 * 30 cm 45 * 25 * 36 cm 62 * 34 * 46 cm
Net Weight 12 kg 12.5 kg 27 kg

Version Differences

Functions Record the temp profile Record and replicate the temp profile, Automatic roasting  Record and replicate the temp profile, Automatic roasting
System Based on Standard Artisan Intelligent
Operation Panel 4.7" Panel

Tablets or Laptops


7" Panel
Connected by USB Bluetooth or USB
 Bluetooth or USB